Hidden camera

There may be times when you require a hidden camera in order to gather valuable evidence, this may be associated with internal theft, anti social behaviour and other criminal or civil situations.

A hidden camera can be deployed in a variety of environments, this includes internally and externally. Our products also known as covert cameras can either be deployed using battery packs or can be powered by mains power with the latter providing continuous monitoring. We have used external cameras in many locations from isolated compounds through to busy industrial parks, with our internal hidden cameras being deployed in stock rooms through to offices.

Before deploying a hidden camera it is important to ensure that they are used as a last resort and when every other form of investigation has been considered. With that in mind, the use of hidden or covert cameras can be vital in gaining the evidence needed to prove that illegal or unwanted activity is taking place. Planning is also vital as will allow for the optimum placement of cameras. We make sure that the right camera is used for the right situation and that every camera is placed to gather the required evidence.

Using a hidden camera is a form of covert surveillance and more information can be found here. Understanding the legal aspects of using covert cameras is vital and this includes having a valid reason to use such technical surveillance measures.

We can provide a no obligation recommendation for you or your business, once you have approved our recommendations then we can plan, install and monitor on your behalf if needed. We offer a competitive installation fee and then weekly or monthly rental options.

Feel free to contact one of our team if you are interested in learning more about hidden cameras and surveillance services, as we have been providing covert solutions since 1996.