Personal Injury Surveillance

Insurance companies and organisations have used private investigators and surveillance teams to provide evidence on whether a personal injury claim is genuine or not, this personal injury surveillance has assisted insurers and companies in saving millions of pounds over the years.

Unfortunately, we are in an era where the credibility of any claim or injury has to be proved to ensure that those wishing to claim money dishonestly are stopped. The number of personal injury cases or workplace accidents are on the rise year after year, and although most are legitimate, there are those persons that are willing to falsify claims in order to continue to claim compensation and payments.

Personal injury surveillance is an excellent way in which to evidence whether an ongoing claim is genuine or not, if the claimant is truthful then the case is justified but if evidence is provided to show that the claimant is being fraudulent then this evidence can be provided to the relevant authorities/bodies.

Surveillance is only ever used as a last resort in most cases although in terms of personal injury surveillance then this type of video evidence is vital in uncovering the truth to the extent of any injuries. Our personal injury surveillance page provides further information on this subject.

Even though covert surveillance is being utilised to gather evidence, we are still mindful of human rights and data protection legislation. Any investigation is conducted in the strictest confidence, and any evidence gained is proportionate to the needs of the individual case and that the case is managed from start to finish.

In order to further understand the process involved then it is advised to speak to one of our team, they will be able to answer any questions or concerns relating to the case and the approach.