Covert Surveillance

Our Surveillance and Intelligence (SI) capability is born from years of experience working within a surveillance and intelligence role, within the UK and overseas.

We can provide varying levels of surveillance methods, including:

  • Mobile surveillance
  • Foot surveillance
  • Static surveillance
  • Technical surveillance

Gathering evidence legally and covertly.

Our surveillance teams and personnel have been trained to the highest level and this includes RIPA and other UK legislation affecting surveillance activities. Our surveillance officers come from a military, police or commercial background and have gained experience working with many industries.

We have been instrumental in the covert surveillance industry and were the first UK provider to design and implement a Level 3 qualification in this field, and since then have pioneered the way in which surveillance has been conducted.

Covert surveillance is only ever meant to be used as a last resort when all other enquiry methods have been exhausted, it is an excellent means of gathering intelligence incorporating still images and video photography.

In addition to physical surveillance, we can provide technical surveillance measures including covert cameras, tracking devices and audio surveillance.

Whatever your reasons for needing professional covert surveillance services, we have the capability, experience and skills to ensure the highest level of service possible.

Covert surveillance can be conducted using a number of techniques which include static surveillance, mobile surveillance, foot surveillance and technical surveillance. A surveillance operation can use all of these techniques or just some, for example a full scale investigation may require the use of all techniques whereas a cohabitation investigation or fly tipping investigation may only require static surveillance to observe one location.

There is also strict legislative requirements that need to be adhered to, this ensures that any covert surveillance and investigation evidence is admissible in a court of law and that all surveillance and investigating officers are above reproach. All our surveillance officers undergo strict training which includes law and legislation meaning that they are aware of the relevant legal, human rights and data protection requirements. This level of training also includes how to manage, undertake and finalise a surveillance operation and investigation.

We can also provide surveillance and investigations training through our training company ASTA.

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