Matrimonial Investigations

Establishing whether infidelity is being conducted in your relationship, delivering evidence and support.

Finding the truth to ease your burden.

It is a difficult time when there is suspicion within a relationship and so matrimonial investigations provide the confirmation as to whether suspicions are founded or not, this in itself provides much needed respite from the negative feelings caused by doubt of this type.

Whether married or not, our matrimonial enquiries can provide evidence and information on your partners activities and provide you with witness statements, video and still images and detailed reporting. It is never a positive situation being informed of details of this nature although our team of matrimonial investigators are well versed in dealing with situations which may invoke irrational and emotional responses, in addition to this we are here to support you throughout any matrimonial enquiries.

Ultimately, if your partner is not being faithful then we have the experience and skills to identify their infidelity, we can also find the truth which may contradict any suspicion you have.

The main way in which we carry out matrimonial investigations is through background research and covert surveillance activities, making sure that we always take the quickest and most cost effective route to ascertaining whether your partner is unfaithful.

Any investigation of this nature is carried in the strictest confidence by professional investigators and surveillance operatives who have completed numerous tasks of this nature.

You can rest assured that our matrimonial investigations are professional, ethical and above all gain the results that you require. All evidence including witness statements, video and still imagery is presented as a professional report detailing all activity throughout the matrimonial investigation.

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