Test Purchasing

Test purchasing can be used for a number of different reasons, for example test purchasing could include the use of minors to attempt to purchase tobacco or alcohol, or it could be used by high street brands and other companies to test the professionalism and standards of their staff.

Whatever your reason for choosing our services, we have a solution that will meet your needs. Our experienced staff are able to blend into any environment and act as a member of the public or as a specific client, integrating into the role that they need to in order to meet the objectives of the test purchasing activity.

We can target criminal activity such as ticket touts, on street sellers and even online sellers, with the aim of gathering vital intelligence including covert video imagery.

In terms of assessing your own organisation then our experienced teams are able to work within a story line to gather much needed proof of the way your staff interact with the public and/or clients. All our test purchasers utilise covert body worn cameras and other relevant equipment, this is backed by witness statements detailing the activity undertaken.

You may also be using sub contractors or other outlets to distribute and sell your products and you may want to ensure that they are the best placed person or organisation to be the face of your brand. We will professionally approach these organisations and provide feedback on the test purchase outlining the positive and negative aspects of the interaction.

Our test purchasing officers are similar to undercover officers although approach the task in a much more relaxed manner, blending as an everyday member of the public.

If you have a need for a professional test purchasing solution then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team, we are able to assist in most major cities across the UK and offer a professional and cost effective test purchasing solution.

As a professional company we adhere to strict standards and this includes those standards linked to the ABI.